Board :Whispering winds
Author :GM Stein
Subject :My smelt is gone!
Date :10/31
La~! Here??s I??ve been working in my spare time on a new smelt, none of that dangerous stuff mind you, absolutely legit, and some fella stolen it from right under my nose!

So many of you decent customers comes to my shop, I??ve grown too trusting, my own fault, I know! I tried to run after him, but he??s so light on his feet, like there??s no weight to him at all, I couldn??t keep up?? La?? So, now my smelt is gone and I am worried dead what would happen to it.

Dashae threatened to beat me with a broom. She??s a very mild mannered woman as you know, so this is very serious. Please help me find this fella, and more importantly to retrieve my smelt??

La, I don??t really care for the fella. He looked kinda strange and creepy. Yes, I think I would rather just get the smelt, forget the fella, I am sure he??d learn his lesson by then.

Thank yee kindly, la!
Taik Pae