Board :Whispering winds
Author :GM Stein
Subject :Dae Shore Under Siege
Date :11/1
It looks like Ophelia's dream of reuniting with her dad was shtattered once again, this time by no other than her dad himself...A chance to enter the world of the living proved to be a successful bargaining ploy for calculating Taeniuru, and the Undead Captain surrendered the Anchor of Binding along with Opehlia's very soul.

With this newly gained mortality, the Undead Captain and his crew are back to their pirating ways and currently are invading our very own Dae SHore. Every well-bodied man and woman is called upon to fend off the attackers. Head to Dae Shore and lend a hand!

Amongst the chaos and confusion one question remains...what exactly did Taeniuru want with the soul of a simple little girl?