Board :Whispering winds
Author :GM Stein
Subject :The Sonhi Strike Back
Date :11/27
KaMing has declared war on Koguryo! General Chinao claims that he has received evidence of the Kogurian army?s involvement with the mass murder of Aprok villagers. The general warns that the Sonhi raids on Kugnae are only the beginning of their plans to avenge their fallen brothers. The Sonhi are known for their barbaric attacks, with little to no mercy. Unless King MuHyul delivers each and every man involved in the atrocious, murderous acts, the Sonhi will do everything in their power to bring justice by their hand.

Agents have intercepted messages that reveal KaMing?s plans of a simultaneous attack on several Kogurian allie locations. King MuHyul maintains the innocence of his soldiers and prepares his Kingdom?s defenses for an eventual retaliation against the Sonhi forces.

The morbid call of the war horn sounds. Who will you fight for?