Board :Whispering winds
Author :GM Stein
Subject :The truth behind Aprok's murders
Date :12/13
The lost Princess Yun is no longer lost, but her memory is. Goeyu, her faithful long lasting guardian, has reencountered her at Kugnae Palace and finally met with King M'hul. The white tiger warrior, as Goeyu is known, revealed the truth behind Aprok's Village murders. It was the work of two sorcerers and an assassin who mass murdered the entire villager after they found Goeyu was hiding Yun as a commoner in Aprok Village, calling her "Yeon".

The mystery of Yun's lost memory was also revealed, it's a curse set by Mupa upon the princess to make her lose her memory every time she falls in love.

Upon hearing the truth of who killed Aprok villagers, KaMing had no choice but to withdraw his forces from battle. The war with Sonhi might be over, but the conflicts are not.