Board :Whispering winds
Author :mir
Subject :Wony... The Mighty and Woeful
Date :9/10
I just received this letter and I am not too sure how to handle it. It seems to be true ? Wony IS different now, but even I cannot do anything about it. I hope you guys can help me, as this looks to be a serious matter. Here is the letter that I received:

Greetings Good Man Mir,

Whilst all talks referencing NPCs deciding to overthrow authority and rule the world as one commonwealth are of no importance at the moment and constitute pure allegations, what is important is that somehow in the course of yesterday our God Wony has changed? and not for the better.

Wony had a secret meeting with all of us, where he made an announcement that we will see none of that fundraiser money after all. Instead, it will be repurposed for the building of a great big wall. Then to conclude the meeting, we prepared a meal in Wony?s honor, which I must add, he enjoyed particularly well; an established soup connoisseur , he was particularly bewitched by a flamboyant creation presented to him by one of the girls.

So, long story very short; It appears that Wony may have eaten something that was most likely very poisonous, possibly capable of erasing whoever ingest it from reality. These things happen you know, there?s not that much testing going on and all sorts of bugs crawl into real time!

We would have not mind it very much, but it looks like the resulted Wony is set on sucking out our little NPC souls and making an NPC zombie army for himself. Him and his minions roam around and catch all NPCs, bring us to his lair, where through an unthinkable process we are turned into faceless and mindless minions, chanting him praises.

Please address this issue in at once, and as a thank you we will continue to offer our unlimited services all day and night all time-zones far and wide.

NPC Union