Board :Whispering winds
Author :GM vyn
Subject :Buya Under Siege
Date :6/28
Years upon years of living in a sealed away cave has done a lot of good for an old, drabby magician by the name of Sute. He has honed his spells and perfected incantations and now? Now, he's ready for some fun! Once filled with a thirst for personal improvement and kingdom-wide recognition, Sute added a thirst of another kind to his list of needs (no, he did not resort to Vampirism). In fact, Sute's been harboring a strong feeling of vengeance, which overtime that became his most pronounced desire. Many, many years ago Buya?s Poet Guild Master Eldritch has placed magic seal upon Sute?s cave, which to this day prevents Sute and his ?associates? from setting foot outside into the mainland of Buya (It may or may not be a relevant fact that Sute was becoming a danger to society at that time).
And, to avenge this great injustice has become Sute's one and only thirst. Will he get what he wants? Or will the Winds consume him?... Only time (and a couple of very gifted diviners) can tell. But, do be careful traveling through Buya, it appears that ol' Sute figured how to weaken those decades old binds and there has been sightings of wondering Yachi about.